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Outstanding O & A Level Results 2011 News Story

August 11, 2011: Beaconhouse students achieved yet another spectacular O and A Level result that saw the highest number of As in both O and A Level examinations across the nation.  In the class of 2011, 544 A Level students secured 2 or more As while a staggering 1,211 O Level students achieved 5 or more As!  Last year, Ibrahim Shahid, scored 23 As in his CIE O Levels in 2010 and set the world record for the same.  This year, Zohaib Asad, broke this record by achieving an exceptional result of 28 As in CIE and Edexcel O Levels and also secured 10 As in his A Levels in 2011.  Zohaib is currently enrolled at McGill University, Canada, on a scholarship.

The Class of 2011 is divided into three geographic regions North, Centre, and South.  The Northern Region is comprised of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) and Northern Punjab.  The Central Region is comprised of Central Punjab and the Southern Region is comprised of Southern Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan.
The Central Region is the largest of the three regions and runs 7 A Level programmes in Lahore, Gujranwala, Faisalabad and Multan.  The O and A Level results for the region have been outstanding with 526 O Level students achieving 5 As and above (45% of total students) and 11 A Level students scoring an impressive 5 As and above.
A Level high achievers in the Centre include Usama Afzal with 6 As and Rabia Anjum, Sheikh Raza Shahzad, Ahsan Gondal, Syed Ahmed Hassan Gardezi, Hamza Amir, Hina Amin, Mishal Rizwan, Qinaf Najam, Aisha Niaz, Hawwa Ahmad Akhunzada scoring 5 As.
O Level high achievers in the Central Region are: Muhammad Jazim with 14 As, Abeera Hussain with 13 As, Muhammad Ahmad Khan, Abdullah Zafar, Fauzan Mustafa, Hayder Abbas, Arsalan Ahmad Langrial, Muhammad Bin Tahir Mir, Sadia Khan with 12 As and Maham Latif Rana, Mishelle Waris, Talha Javad and Abdullah Bin Faisal with 11 As.

BSS Northern Region offers O and A Level programmes in Islamabad, Rawalpindi Jhelum, Wah, and Peshawar.  Students in the Northern Region have achieved a highly impressive result with 320 O Level students receiving 5 As and above (47% of total students), and 9 A Level students receiving an outstanding 5 As and above.
Top A Level performers in the North include Syed Zohaib Asad scoring 8 As, Syed Shujahat Ali with 7 As, Atif Fayyaz with 6 As, Muhammad Mudassir Saleem, Muhammad Umar Shabbir, Bryshna Kundi, Philumena Chen and Eeman Fatima with 5 As.
Top O Level performers in the North include Hamza Shahid scoring 15 As, Hajira Zafar Malik scoring 12 As, Jaleed Anjum scoring 11 As, Daniyal Ali Kiani, Arooma Ashraf, Sana Viqar, Aeman Shahid, Aab-e-Hayat, Affan Shahid, Muhammad Uzair Ali, Mian Usman Hammed, Raffeh Shahid, Syed Rameel Ahmad, Muhammad Azfar Malik and Nadir Zamir Mehmood with10 As.
BSS Southern Region runs O and A Level programmes in Karachi and Hyderabad, and O Level programmes in Bhawalpur and Quetta.  The O Level result from the Southern Region is equally impressive with 353 students scoring 5 As and above which corresponds to 45% of the total O Level student body.

The A Level result in the Southern Region is truly exceptional this year with 17 students scoring 5 As and above and 45 students scoring 4 As.  Top performers in the South for A Level include Aurangzeb Ahmed, Siddiqui with 7 As and Hafsa Munir, Nimrah Bader, Sharyar Memon, Nazish Khan, Ayesha Khan, Sidra Haq, KhawalaMateen, Myra Saeed, Waleed Hussain Farooqi, Fatima Nadeem, Muhammad Hussain Tariq, Muhammad Hassam Farooz, Anum Shaharyar and Tuba Faizan scoring 5 As.
Top O Level results include Syed Talal Ahsan with 13 As, Mohammad Hammad Saqib with 12 As, Gohar Shokat, Muhammad Jasim Ali, Anushae Hassan, Aahil Afzal Matcheswala, Mohammad Nasik Tayyab, Hayat, Mashal Walji, Muhammad Farhan, Sayyada Maela Hyder, Muhammad Owais and Atif Shokat Ali with 11 As.

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