Universal Children’s Day News Story

Theme: Treat Me Right

Mahroo | Class IV-B | Beaconhouse Gulshan Primary VI

Children of any nation are its strong binding force. A nation’s existence depends on its new generation. Children belonging to any nation have a right to have basic necessities of food, shelter, education and good health.

There are many countries in the world such as Ethiopia and Somalia where children do not have proper food. They die of hunger and poverty. The countries are so poor that they do not have enough medical aid for sick children. Although the United Nations is doing its best to help these children, it is still not enough. Then there are countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh where food may be available but due to poverty, children are not sent to school to study but are sent to do work to earn money for their families. Although there are laws against child labour at the international level but there are no checks and balances. On the other hand, there are some countries where the children get every sort of facility such as the United States, England and Australia. However, these countries lack in social and moral values. When children of any nation suffer in anyway, the nation loses its credibility to stand and survive. Therefore, children have a right to be treated well in all ways so that they become strong, capable parents making the country’s future bright.

“I am a nation growing with pride,
So please, please treat me right.”

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