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Clean Our Plates Project by AIESEC News Story

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What is C.O.P.?

C.O.P (Clean Our Plate) is a 6-week project designed to create awareness against food wastage and to change the perspective of public towards surplus food. This project was carried out throughout Malaysia from December 2015 to February 2016 and volunteers from different countries around the world were involved.

Why C.O.P.?

Malaysia wastes 15,000 tonnes of food daily of which 10-15 percent comprises unconsumed and expired food. During festive seasons, this amount increases to another 10-15 percent which is around 17,250 tonnes and this amount of food can actually feed up to 7.5 million people.

Workshop Description

The C.O.P workshop is a one-day workshop which provides primary students with an ideal platform to understand the alarming issue of food waste in Malaysia and what can children do to help reduce it. Our students will be participating in an engaging, inspiring, and interactive sessions. They will also bring back what they learn at the workshop, showing their family members the importance of finishing food and ways to utilise surplus food. C.O.P workshop also aims to promote cultural understanding among students through cultural integration activities.

Workshop’s Objectives

1. To educate students about the uses of surplus food

2. To advocate reduction in food wastage

3. To promote cultural understanding among students and international facilitators

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