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Saad Malik | Staff Correspondent TBT | TNS Beaconhouse DHA

Lahore: The Personal Project showcase was held on March 2, 2016, at TNS DHA. This event was an opportunity for our Year 10 students to present their projects to a live audience of parents, teachers and students. Clad in smart suits, students looked eager to engage in meaningful dialogue with the audience about their learning experience. On display was evidence of a year's worth of hard work, including research, planning, documentation and collaboration with supervisors, subject-area experts and peers.

At a TED-style briefing session, each student came on stage and spoke about their inspiration for their project, challenges faced and affective skills developed to overcome them. Students also contextualised the four stages which form the crux of MYP projects: investigating, planning, taking action and reflecting. The projects themselves included a range of outcomes, including tangible ones such as a guide to the city of Lahore, a catalog about makeup and an original painting highlighting a social issue. Intangible projects included a campaign to teach women a valuable skill to empower them, a hologram-projection device and the concept for a rewrite of a popular novel. The event generated considerable buzz and served as a much-needed pat of affirmation for our students in their development as IB learners.

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