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National Library Week News Story

Faryal Azam | Staff Correspondent TBT | LMA Wapda Town

Lahore: LMA Wapda Town conducted National Library Week from April 11 to 15, 2016. The whole school seemed to have turned into a fantasy world with students and teachers moving around disguised as fictional characters. The main attraction of the event was storytelling sessions arranged in the library. For Pre-Nursery, the theme was green stuffed toys and the story was told using persona dolls. This session was further enriched with digital storytelling with special character presentation.

Nursery students had bedtime storytelling sessions and a pajama party. Students came in their night suits and brought one stuffed toy each.

Kindergarten students enjoyed their Word Puzzle Mania in which they played different games such as Story Bag, Let’s Play Cube, Word Puzzle and Photo with Favourite Toy from the box. Class I had their poem recitation and Class II students played roles of the characters using story language.

The mega events in the midst of all these activities were ‘Have Tea with a Book’ especially for mothers. Mothers were entertained with tea while enjoying books in the library. There was ‘Open Day at Library’, a workshop on storytelling for mothers, gifts for mothers and mothers’ photos with props.

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