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Spring Equinox News Story

Sehrish Ali | Coordinator TBT | Johar Town Senior Girls

Lahore: Spring heralds the return of sun's warmth, the renewal of life and the reappearance of green colour everywhere. To celebrate spring and nature, Johar Town Senior Girls Campus celebrated ‘Spring Equinox’ on March 22, 2016. Students wore colourful clothes, funky hats, sunglasses as well as garlands of flowers to celebrate this day

JTC Girls Senior School has introduced Clubs, the purpose of which is to provide a forum for students to plan and implement various activities in the pursuit of their individual interests. Being a member of a particular club encourages students to self-manage activities and also brings to the foreground their leadership, creativity, organisational and management skills.

We have the following Clubs: English Club, Urdu Club, Future Problem Solving Club, Community Services Club, Art Club, Science Club, Sports Club, Business Club, Maths Club and IT Club and each student is a member of a particular Club. We use this forum to encourage our students to discuss ideas and take initiative to plan and organise school activities. With reference to the Spring Equinox, the club organised various activities and the rationale was the noble cause of charity.

Class IX C students Aliza Ayyaz and Haadia Fayyaz drafted the circular for the Spring Equinox. The Math Club set up the gaming stall. The Art Club set a stall for face painting and the Nail Art Stall was set up by students of Class VII. The Community Services Club arranged a Bake Sale and only home-made products were sold by students to promote healthy eating habits as well. The IT Club actively participated in the making of backdrop for spring video clips and photographs of the event. The students of Science Club also decorated a screen in accordance with the theme of the event.

The student body gave in suggestions as to where the money should be donated and it was done accordingly.

Class IXs had a flower-making competition to showcase the assortment of stunning flowers that bloom in spring. Each section of IX C decorated and arranged flower vases and the winner was selected on a set criteria. Class IX C Yellow secured first position. The kite making competition was held among students of Class VI. The students portrayed their artistic talents and crafted colourful kites. The students of Class VII presented skits through puppet shows. The event was fun and the students enjoyed a lot.

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