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Inter-House Competitions 2016 News Story

Aniqa Humayun | Staff Correspondent TBT | AITC

Lahore: Four inter-house competitions were held at AITC Senior School on May 4, 2016. Classes VIII, IX and X of all four houses – Iqbal, Jinnah, Jahangir and Kasuri –participated in these contests.

The Inter-House Calligraphy and Photography Competition:

Students were asked to submit their photos and pieces of calligraphy for the respective competitions one week prior to the display on May 4, 2016. For photography, the allocated theme were ‘colours’ and ‘reflections’. For calligraphy, the criteria of judgement was creativity, choice of text, background, presentation and neatness.

Middle School teachers Ms Seema Khalil, Ms Samina Ummar and Ms Beenish Khalid were the judges.

The Inter-House Bilingual Declamation Contest 2016:

This event was hosted by Jinnah House. Each house was represented by a team comprising two speakers, one for Urdu and one for English. One of the speakers spoke on a serious topic and the other on a humorous topic. Students displayed their public-speaking skills with a lot of confidence. Ms Beenish Khalid, Ms Samina Ummar and Ms Ayesha Saeed were the judges for English Declamation.

Ms Nayyaab Ahsan, Ms Umbreen Khalid and Ms Kaneez Fatima were the judges for Urdu Declamation.

The Inter-House Science Quiz:

The Inter-House Science Quiz was organised by Kasuri House. The objective was to help students revise for their end-of-year examinations. Teams comprising six students from each house were selected for the final round. Jinnah House won this competition, Kasuri stood second, Iqbal House third and Jahangir House came fourth.

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