Earth Day Celebrations News Story

Aalia Usman | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Walton Campus

Lahore: Earth Day celebrations at Beaconhouse Walton Campus began with the painting of the outside wall of the school by students of Classes V, VI and VII. This was followed by an inspiring special performance during the assembly by Class III. There was a Performing Arts Fiesta, attended and applauded by parents and guests. Students from the entire campus participated in this fiesta. It began with a stunning shadow performance by the Early Years, sending a message of peace on Earth, followed by the choir from Upper Primary students singing the song 'Heal the World'. The Middle School students were not far behind with an anti-bullying message through a thought provoking play titled 'Friends Don't Let Friends Bully'. Students from Classes I and II then presented a dance performance titled 'Earth! We're in it together', which spread the message of peace. Middle School students went even further with their entertainment with a puppetry performance titled ‘Peace in a Can’ and an elegant Kathak dance performance by the girls of Middle School. The finale was a mesmerising classical singing performance also presented by the Middle School students, which left the audience captivated till the very end.

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