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Celebrating Peace Day News Story

Saman Aref | Staff Correspondent TBT | BMTL

Lahore: International Peace Day was celebrated at BMTL on Wednesday, September 21, 2016.

Students from Pre-Nursery till Class II conducted activities to commemorate the day.

Classes I and II shared their ideas about peace and performed a song in the morning assembly. Later, teachers shared their ideas about peace with the students. They also prepared posters about how they would help make peace in the world.

Kindergarteners discussed their thoughts about peace with their friends and class teachers. They assembled in the school playground and stood holding hands making a formation of the peace logo. Songs were sung to promote a feeling of love and harmony and peace themed cards were made to take home. A banner of ‘Peace Day’ with balloons was released which was thoroughly enjoyed by the students.

Students of Nursery made a beautiful collage of a dove representing peace. They also sang songs and played games to learn to co-exist happily and peacefully. They wore beautiful peace badges home.

Students of Pre-Nursery carried out a ‘Peace Walk’ holding peace messages which they shared with other students and teachers in the school. They took home paper doves with peace messages written on them.

Peace messages, posters, collages and banners made by the students were put up around the school. The school building was also decorated with blue and white balloons.

The whole day’s activities were aimed at inculcating the spirit of peace in everyone. We strive to make our students aware of the need for peace in the world and to develop the sense that each one of us is responsible for working towards it.

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