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Student Council Election 2016 on Edmodo News Story

Asma Naseer| Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse AITC

Lahore: Beaconhouse Allama Iqbal Town Campus had the online Student Council Election 2016 on Edmodo on October 14, 2016 for the posts of head boy, deputy head boy, head girl and deputy head girl. The candidates were nominated and later shortlisted based on a tough criterion, followed by an interview with Principal Mrs Rabia Najam.

The candidates were given a day before polling for campaigning would begin. Opening early on Friday morning, online polls happened in a very smooth and organised way and the students participated enthusiastically while viewing the results instantly on Edmodo.

The results were officially announced at the end of the day in the school’s multipurpose hall. Muhammad Talha Ashraf from Class VII-Silver and Tazmeen Hoor from Class VII-Orange were declared the head boy and head girl, respectively. Zeeshan Mehmood from Class VII-White was elected as deputy head boy and Aliza Masood from Class VII-Orange as deputy head girl.

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