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Global Dignity Week News Story

Ragini Singh | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Oman

Muscat: At Beaconhouse, we believe dignity is an inherent part of the society, our goal is to enrich young minds with values and to empower them with and through dignity.

Early Years at Beaconhouse Muscat celebrated Global Dignity Week from October 16 to 20, 2016 with enthusiasm. Several interesting and interactive activities along with the well-presented special assemblies were organised.

Key themes for the week were ‘peace’, ‘save animals and their habitats’ and ‘charity’. Moreover health and hygiene were also emphasised through activities such as ‘hand washing’ and ‘say no to junk food’.

Other activities held during Dignity Week were ‘Peace Symbol’. Students created a dove, the symbol of peace using their handprints, giving a powerful message of peace for humanity.

A special assembly titled Save Animals and Their Habitats was conducted by Kindergarten 2 in which they explained various types of habitats and how to protect the habitats of animals.

A charity drive was carried out by Early Years’ students in which they brought money to donate for helpers and cleaners around them in appreciation of their hard work.

During the Save Water, Save the World activity, students made giant water droplets with slogans written on them. The students put up those posters at various supermarkets to create awareness about conserving water.

Activities for health and hygiene included ‘Global Hand Washing Day’ and Say No to Junk Food’. Students made a giant wall collage of colourful handprints to mark the Global Hand Washing Day. A special assembly was conducted by KG2 to highlight the significance of washing hands and five steps to wash hands properly.

KG2 performed a small skit to draw attention towards colourful healthy fruits and vegetables.

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