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Muneeba Aqib | TBT Correspondent | Beaconhouse Canal Side Boys Campus

Lahore: In the spirit of international Dignity Day, CSBC Middle School students went a step ahead on October 26, 2016 as they collected gifts including stationery, food items, toys and books to present to those who have less resources but equal rights to cherish life. The students’ contributions and tireless efforts showcased their dedication to the cause.

As a continuation of these efforts, Middle School Social Work and Dignity Club aligned with their teachers and on October 21, 2016 and visited the Sweet Home orphanage. They spent a few hours with the young kids there and spread smiles on their faces by interacting with them, giving gifts and involving them in fun activities. We support and appreciate this spirit of community service amongst our students and hope that they will cherish it as lifelong learning.

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