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Rave Night News Story

Saad Khan, Syed Armaghan and Hamza Zaheer | Staff Correspondents TBT | BSTRB

Rawalpindi: Students of Class XI coordinated with the BSTRB administration to organise one of the most exciting co-curricular events of the academic session of 2016, the Rave Night on December 11, 2016. The event allowed the students to relax and lifted their spirits right before their exams so they could prepare for their midterms with reinvigorated motivation. Most of the event was organised through the meticulous efforts of the seniors, as Hamza Zaheer, a young student prodigy who produces trance music under the stage name ‘HAZE’, performed for the students. The host team arranged this event that both teachers and students of the senior school enjoyed tremendously. The event came to an end with a dinner that left the taste buds of the guests buzzing and ended the night on a pleasant note.

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