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Global Dignity Day - Bake Sale News Story

Beaconhouse Sri Inai International

At Beaconhouse, we celebrate Global Dignity Day with a lot of zest and zeal every year.

While charity is bestowed by the haves to the have-nots, dignity does not work like that. Treating them with dignity and respect is as important as donating things they need. And for that reason, members of the student leadership team visited a home for special children at Taman Megah to spend some time with them and to ask how Beaconhouse could help them.

Beaconhouse Sri Inai also held a charity bake sales for three days.

With MYR1750 generated from just one day, we expect to help the organisation meet some needs.

Students across the Secondary School also took part in creating posters and a charter for dignity that will be used as a basis for a whole school Dignity Charter.

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