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FORMUN 2017 News Story

Muneeba Aqib | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse CSBC

Lahore: Beaconhouse CSBC participated in FORMUN, 2017, held at Forman Christian College from January 24-27, 2017. Abdullah Shah from Class XI-CB, Khasham Ali from Class XI-CB, Faran Maood from Class XI-CD, Waleed Nadeem from Class XI-CC , Kushbakht Laghari from Class IX-CB , Muhammad bin Salem from Class IX-CB and Hamza Hamid from Class IX-C participated in the event.

Khushbakht and Khasham received honourable mentions and Waleed Nadeem also received a special mention.

Our students were under the guidance of Mr Ali Zaman, a student of our former coach and legendary debater Mr Zain Haider, who passed away seven months ago.

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