Learning Festival News Story

Saman Saleem | Staff Correspondent TBT | PECHS Primary III

Karachi: The Learning Festival, an open day with a complete range of exciting and interactive activities for children and parents, was arranged at PECHS Primary III on March 8, 2017.

With great excitement, the branch hosted and welcomed a large number of parents and children. They guests participated in a quiz, solved interesting puzzles, and played online IQ games. Students performed a Chinese dance and set up a ‘China Town’ where Chinese calligraphy was practiced by the guests. Social Club talked about the contribution and services of our heroes such as Edhi, Chippa, Mother Teresa, Dr Adeeb Rizvi, Ansar Burney and Binte Fatima. Various games were also arranged to raise charity. Ms Ruth from Dar ul Sakoon along with her students and teachers and students of Bethak School were invited to share their thoughts with our students. Our little chefs made scrumptious sandwiches and milkshakes. Parents appreciated the collaborative and structured event.

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