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IOT School Level Competition News Story

Aisha Rizwan | Staff Correspondent TBT | BMTL Boys

Lahore: At BMTL Boys, Zoraiz Anwar and Zeeshan Bashir of Class IX-O Levels have earned a commendable achievement by winning the first prize in the IOT School level Competition held under Soft-Tech, an event organised by Fast University on March 11 and 12, 2017. Among the competitors were students of Classes VI till A2 from multiple schools. Our brilliant students earned their prize as they designed a “Home Patient Monitoring System”.

The “Home Patient Monitoring System” is an IOT (Internet of Things) project that includes a device that measures the room’s temperature, humidity, and most importantly, a person’s temperature. The aim was to make it easy for doctors to monitor a patient. With this device, there will be no need for health care providers and caregivers to come and manually check a patient’s temperature, they would be able to simply get a reading from the patient’s wrist.

Bringing home the winning trophy has given massive encouragement to Zoraiz and Zeeshan, to such a degree that they are seeking ways to make it a viable product. Congratulations to them on their incredible achievement!

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