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Mother's Day Panel Discussion News Story

Munira Akhtar | Staff Correspondent TBT | BGTL

Lahore: Mother's Day was celebrated on May 4, 2017, at BGTL Senior Section. To celebrate this special day, BGTL senior students arranged a diverse range of activities based on the theme “My mother is the best”. The activities included an essay-writing competition, a poetry-writing competition, a card-making competition and a photography competition.

The award for best poet was given to Mustafa Asif from Class IXC-Red, while the best card designer was Talha Mustafa from Class IXC-Silver. The best essay writer award was given to Umar Amir from Class IXC-White and the winner of best Photographer was Muhammad Faiq from Class IXC-Grey.

Moreover, an interesting panel discussion was conducted on the topic “The Role of a Mother in the Upbringing of a Child”. We were joined by a talented and accomplished panel of guests. Mother of Talha Ahmad from Class IXM-Blue, Ms Tanveer Anjum Qureshi, participated in this panel discussion. She has completed her MSc in Psychology and she is a child psychologist by profession. For the past 18 years she has been working in Ameen Maktab, a society established for the welfare of mentally handicapped children.

Ms Nida Shah, mother of Ali Shayan, from Class IXC-Yellow, also took part in the discussion. Ms Nida has completed her Masters in Philosophy from Punjab University. Another esteemed guest who was part of the panel discussion was Dr Nadia, mother of Khalid Safder from Class IXC-Yellow. She is a dentist by profession and has completed her education from King Edward Medical University and De'Montmorency College of Dentistry.

Another couple of active participants were Ms Faiqa, mother of Sardar Muhammad Ebaad from Class XM-Blue and a lecturer at Government College University, and Ms Ayesha Ahmad, mother of Muhammad Ahmad Anas from Class XM-Blue and a business woman who has also done her MSc in Mass Communication.

Dr Shaista Awan, mother of Abdul Rehman, also expressed her valuable opinions. She has a PhD in Physics from the University of Manchester in England. Also joining us was mother of Zurriat from Class IXC-Silver, Ms Syeda Malika, a gold medalist and recipient of the Boswell award from Kinnaird College.

It was a lively, informative and inspirational panel discussion. Principal Mr Abdul Haseeb acknowledged the efforts of the mothers and praised them for such a thorough and open discussion on the topic. Senior School Headmistress Ms Maleeha Khwaja thanked the event coordinator, Ms Munira Akhtar and the moderator, Mr Khalid Hassan, for arranging such a vibrant panel discussion.

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