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A Meritorious Achievement News Story

Maryam Faiz Tiwana | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Liberty Lahore

Lahore: BLL hosted a tea on August 10, 2017 to celebrate Matriculation students’ success in the Board Examination 2017. Keeping true to the tradition of accomplishing academic excellence, BLL scored a high GPA of 4.71 in Sciences and 4.03 in Humanities. Our student Farwah Sadiq made us extremely proud by securing the third position in the Lahore Board securing 1082 marks out of 1100.

Beaconhouse Regional Director Centre Ali Ahmed Khan, SG4 Head Ms Naveen Shahid Butt and Mr and Mrs Sadiq (Farwa’s parents) were among the distinguished guests. Mr Ali Ahmed Khan appreciated the teaching faculty and the administrative staff for their unrelenting efforts and support to students. The event also provided an opportunity to congratulate Farwah on her tremendous success and thank the proud parents for their constant support and significant contribution in making BLL one of the leading branches of Beaconhouse. As a token of appreciation, Ms Naveen Butt awarded Letters of Appreciation to subject teachers for their commendable results.

Once again we congratulate our students on their exceptional result and wish them success in all their future endeavours.

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