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Orientation Session 2017-2018 News Story

Sheema Umair | Staff Correspondent TBT | BSR

Rawalpindi: The orientation session was organised on the school premises on Tuesday, September 26, 2017. The Chief Guest SGO-I Academic Coordinator Ms Rahat Agha gave a very informative speech on the role parents play in their children’s lives. The main purpose of the orientation was to introduce the new Beaconhouse curriculum to the parents. BSR Senior Mistress Ms Nojia Asim delivered her presentation, focusing on Beaconhouse philosophy, key improvements in the curriculum, teaching and learning paradigms and assessment philosophy. All the subject coordinators were also invited to discuss all aspects of the new curriculum of their subjects. At the end, a very helpful question and answer session was arranged, in which parents’ concerns were addressed. Overall, it was a very productive session and gave a deep insight to the parents.

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