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EducationUSA South Asia Tour News Story

Bilal Khan | Staff Correspondent TBT| Beaconhouse Defence Campus

Lahore: The Beaconhouse Defence Campus Access Centre hosted the ‘EducationUSA South Asia Tour-Fall 2017’ on Monday, September 18, 2017. Representatives from 14 different universities from all across the USA, including Minerva Schools at KGI, Colorado State University, Ohio Wesleyan University and many others graced the school with their presence.

After a warm welcome, the student representatives escorted them to the designated venue. The entire area was flooded with excited students, a professional and academic vibe, and a plethora of university banners and standees showcasing specific institutions.

Students from the O Levels and A Levels alike expressed profound interest and enthusiasm during the whole affair. The representatives did an exceptional job at both, maintaining a lively atmosphere and eloquently giving insight on multitudes of questions raised by students, such as Curtis Ferguson from DePauw University, with his charismatic and animated presence, and Youssef Wahab from Stony Brook University with his quick wit and playful humour.

The event provided students with the ideal platform to have their queries answered about summer undergraduate and graduate programmes offered at these prestigious universities. The ‘South Asia Tour, Fall 2017’ facilitated students in familiarising themselves with the requirements at different universities, in addition to the general application process and proved to be successful in its venture to educate students about university life.

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