Business Expo 2018 News Story

Saba Arbab | Staff Correspondent TBT | BMI-A

Islamabad: Students expressed their entrepreneurial talents at the third edition of the institution’s Business Expo. The event, held on February 22, 2018, highlighted the utmost importance of a sound business sense in the modern world. Students formed teams of their own to contest with each other. Teams were from City School, BMI-G, BMI-B, IB and A level. Contesting teams were assigned various household items and were instructed to conduct a corporate-style marketing campaign to pitch their respective products to the audience. These teams set up stalls to put their products on display. The décor team worked wonders in designing and setting up the venue for the event. After a thrilling conference, with teams trying to outsell each other through maverick salesmanship, the team of BMI-A, marketing Ariel product won the first place.

The winners were awarded shields and Cash prize in recognition of their outstanding participation presided over by the chief guest Mr Bilal Aslam Qureshi, CFO Islamabad Diagnostic centre, and Judge of the ceremony Mr Suleman Awan, GM PTCL.

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