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BISC Winners 2018 News Story

Maryam Faiz Tiwana | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Liberty Campus

Lahore: Beaconhouse International Student Convention 2018 was held in Muscat, Oman on February 20-21. Over 200 students from Pakistan, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Oman participated in 13 various events.

We are proud to announce that our outstanding players; Nabiha Nauman IXC-D, Fatima Afzal IXM-D and Maham Saqib IXM-E, who were selected to represent Beaconhouse basketball team, performed extremely well in the matches held during the convention. They won the tournament and lifted the team trophy.

Our success story continues with Ameena Farooqui of XIC-D. She participated in BISClicks, a photography competition, and secured 2nd position out of 25 contestants who took part in the event.

The winners received their awards in the morning assembly on March 6, 2018.

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