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Rashmi Malhotra | Staff Correspondent TBT| BSS Muscat Oman

May 23, 2012

Muscat: KG-II students presented a play on the theme, 'Babbar-Sher ki Shaadi' (Lion's Wedding), during the Urdu assembly. One of the students wore the lion's costume to play the central character, while others wore costumes of different wild animals. All the students played their parts extremely well to enact the funny play, the main plot being:

The King of the Jungle (lion) celebrates his wedding with great pomp and show and invites all the jungle animals. While everyone is busy singing and dancing, the cat sees the mouse and shouts, "Yum! Food! The food is here!" This completely derails the wedding and causes havoc. The lion suddenly realises that he is also hungry and starts running after the other animals. All the animals run for their lives and the play ends with the line, "Shaadi hui barbaadi!" (The wedding's a disaster!).

Students in full costume act out their skit

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