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Basketball Breakthrough for Beaconhouse Newlands News Story

Liza Netto | Corporate Communications Senior Manager | Beaconhouse Malaysia

The girls and boys basketball team both finished at third place, this season, within the Kuala Lumpur Sports League (KLSL). The students have been training hard throughout the season to ensure that their teams are united and skilful. At each match, the students have shown cooperation on the court, dedication, commitment to winning and most importantly, have been supporting and guiding each other.

The boys and girls teams competed against UCSI, TISP, TISKL and MIGS in order to achieve their third place position.

It has been a pleasure to watch the students’ progress as individual basketball players and develop as a team. We look forward to their continued growth and greater success in the future.

Boys Team:

Girls Team:

Johnathan  (Y10)

Jessica (Y10)

Marcus (Y10)

Anna (Y10)

Jayden (Y10)

Eve (Y10)

Sam (Y10)

Carol (Y10)

Edmund (Y10)

Cheryl (Y9)

Tick Jun (Y9)

Megan (Y9)

Ryan (Y9)

Xin Yee (Y9)

Wai Lun (Y9)

Jojo (Y9)

Wing Kwan (Y8)

Ai Qi (Y9)


Liberty (Y8)

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