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Parental Involvement in Project Based Learning News Story

Helene Teo | Staff correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Sri Petaling Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur: Beaconhouse Sri Petaling always emphasises on the importance of parental involvement in a child’s day-to-day learning and development. Parents who are in tune with what is happening in the classroom are able to establish a better connection with their child. It creates a stronger bond which can foster higher self-esteem, confidence and helps the students to perform better when they are in school. Therefore, the class teacher of Irises III invited parents to join in a necklace making activity. The students were asked to create an amazing jewellery piece by collecting and using leaves from the garden. It was a day filled with love and creativity. It was a very positive experience to witness parents lending a hand with the other students as well. We would like to thank everyone who collaborated in this activity.

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