Toba Tek Singh News Story

Maliha Raza | Staff Correspondent TBT | Walton Campus

Lahore: Beaconhouse Walton’s Drama Festival is always a much talked-about event, owing not just to the diversified performances it has to offer, but also to the talents that it brings forth. The event began with a mesmerising dance performance by the Lower Primary students on a trending song. The students looked absolutely stunning. There was a glamorous fashion walk by the Middle School students, showcasing the changing trends and styles of the Muslims of the subcontinent, till the birth of Pakistan. This time Beaconhouse Walton added an extraordinary twist to the show by undertaking the monumental task of adapting, reworking and staging one of the last works of the renowned writer, play wright and author Saadat Hasan Manto. Toba Tek Singh was a multilingual play, featuring Punjabi, Urdu and English dialogues. It depicted the atrocities faced by the migrants at the time of the partition of India and Pakistan. Cleverly using the tale of Bishen Singh and his fellow inmates in an asylum, the uncertainty and disorder following the partition was depicted. The performance left the audience absolutely enthralled.

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