Beaconhouse Birthday Celebration News Story

Maria Arsalan | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse PECHS KG 1

Karachi: PECHS KG 1 branch celebrated Beaconhouse’s 43rd birthday with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm on November 13, 2018. Special invitations were sent to grandparents to attend the event. The day started with adorable performances by Nursery and KG students. They sang and performed on a special song for the grandparents. The excitement could be easily seen amongst the attendees and participants alike. The event was then followed by a plethora of games. These games, which were once gems from the grandparents’ era, included pittu garam, carom, ludo, and hop scotch. Some contemporary games were also played such as BeeBot and word games on tablets. The blend of the new and old games created an aura of nostalgia. Grandparents and children were seen making memories that would last a lifetime. These celebrations were complimented with Colour Mania for the students. A lot of colour related activities were planned for them to enjoy.

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