Bhaloo ki Salgirah News Story

Omema Hasan and Faryal Azam | Staff Correspondents TBT | LMA Wapda Town

Lahore: LMA Wapda Town conducted a student-run event called Bhaloo ki Salgirah. The event was unique as it was wholly organized by the students of Class I. Students arranged the entire programme using the context of their Urdu reader. Guests received invitation cards that were designed by the students. Class I managed the whole event with great professionalism. Students worked in teams that wrapped birthday gifts, prepared birthday caps for Bhaloo, prepared list of eatables, decorated the venue of the party and brought eatables, among other things. These teams also maintained a checklist of things to do throughout the day. Many fun-filled games were arranged for mothers and students such as musical chairs, piñata party and bhaloo ko tie lagayn, which was a brilliant spin-off to pin-the-tail. The winners were awarded with prizes. Students prepared a special song for the party, which they sang along with their mothers. After the birthday, students wrote a report of the event. All records of the birthday were kept in a special bear faced file designed by the students.

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