Power of Words News Story

Hareem Zehra | Staff Correspondent TBT | BMI-B

Islamabad: The Project Based learning has become an integral part of learning at BMI-B. The latest project to be launched is called ‘Power of Words’ on April 27, 2019. Students designed their work around the moral values and ethics prevailing among the new generation, sensitizing them of the feelings of the people around them. The inspiration for the project has been taken from the moral and ethical values portrayed by the Sufis. Beaconhouse’s PSHE lessons played a major role in shaping these projects as students learn how to inculcate kindness, tolerance, respect, humility and empathy in themselves. Students wrote role plays and poems forming these values as their basis. As a real life challenge, students were taken to visit Bint- e- Fatima Old Home and Pakistan Sweet Homes (an old folks home for women and an orphanage). Equipped with the right tools, students were able to bring smiles on the faces of orphans and the old women, making them realize how important they are. Through this initiative, Beaconhouse hopes to bring a personality change in the students, sensitizing them of the feelings of their family members and peers. It is a continuous effort of realization and inculcation that will revamp the society towards progress.

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