English and Urdu Debate 2019 News Story

Samina Naz | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Steel Town Branch

Karachi: Debate is a process that involves formal discussion on a topic. It prepares learners to use their interpersonal skills and is an interesting way for scholars to share knowledge. Students of Class V participated in English and Urdu debate competition on April 18, 2019. Students were confident and provided valid and interesting points in favour of and against the motion. They used different quotes to convince the audience and judges on their points of view. The topic of the English debate was “Social media is the leading cause of violence”. The first and second place winners of the English debate are Aliza Mushtaq and Mohammad Ahmed respectively. There was a tie that led to three third place winners and they are Hadia, Misbah and Aisha. The topic of the Urdu debate was “Computer ustaad ka naam-ul-badal hai” (computers are synonymous with teachers). The winners of the Urdu Debate are Emaan Nawaz and Hina who won first and second place respectively. There was a tie for third place and that was won by Hamdan and Roshni.

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