Helping Those in Need News Story

Hareem Zehra | Staff Correspondent TBT | BMI-B

Islamabad: Community service has always been one of the key initiative and a part of students’ academic journey at Beaconhouse Margalla Campus. To highlight the importance of helping the deprived of the community in the Holy month of Ramadan, BMI-B launched a drive titled ‘Donation for the Destitute of Edhi Home’. This drive commenced earlier in May 2019 in which the students of BMI-B collected dry grocery items (such as which included flour, maize flour, sugar, salt, spices, tea bags, long life milk) along with clothes and toys to share with the inhabitants of Edhi Home. The students’ generous donations resulted in a massive amount of items that were further packed in cartons, decorated in alluring colours, and hand delivered with compassion. The last phase of this drive was to present these donations to Edhi Home. Visiting Edhi Home was an emotional and empathetic experience. This campaign also provided the students with an exposure to their community’s issues. It was clearly seen on the faces of the lovely inhabitants of Edhi Homes that this small token of love right before Eid meant a lot to them.

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