Defence Day News Story

Maria Arsalan | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse PECHS Kindergarten Branch I

Karachi: Defence Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and patronage at Beaconhouse PECHS Kindergarten Branch I on September 6, 2019. The setup and ambiance of the school reflected a beautiful symmetry of patriotism with green & white. Flags all around made the atmosphere even more enchanting. Beaconites exhibited their artwork, delivered speeches and sang national songs to commemorate the efforts of Pakistan Armed Forces during the 1965 war. Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Air force officers were invited as chief guests. They were interviewed by inquisitive Beaconites on stage which gave them an overview of the armed forces’ personnel hardships, struggles & determination. Students were thrilled to see the officers in their graceful uniforms. Students performed skits impersonating members of the armed forces. They were also informed about the historical importance of the day by the teachers, who emphasised on the qualities and attributes of our national heroes. Solidarity with Kashmir was also profoundly observed by everyone. Freedom in mind, Faith in words, pride in our hearts and memories in our soul, Beaconhouse PECHS Kindergarten Branch I salutes the armed forces of Pakistan!

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