Remembering the Venerable Quaid-e-Azam News Story

Saadia Shahzad | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Walton Campus

Lahore: Beaconites from Class V evoked everyone’s love for the Father of the Nation, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, on the occasion of his 71st death anniversary, which fell on September 11, 2019. During a special morning assembly, the students presented a short role play to show how selflessly and sincerely the Quaid (agnomen for Jinnah that means leader) worked for freedom in a homeland where all races, specially the oppressed Muslims in Hindustan, could live in harmony. They presented facts about the life of Pakistan’s beloved founder, his family, education and struggle for an independent state. To celebrate this great personality, a Beaconite revelled the crowd with a melodious national song that included the lyrics ‘Ay rooh e Quaid aaj kay din hum tujh say waada kartay hain’...(Oh spirit of Quaid, today we promise you…).

The tribute paid to Muhammad Ali Jinnah invigorated the ideology behind a country where people from all walks of life are free to practice their beliefs without racial or religious prosecution.

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