Pyjama Party News Story

Maria Arsalan | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse PECHS Kindergarten Branch I

Karachi: Oliver, Oliver – when will you sleep! Theme launch of Oliver who would not sleep was incorporated with a Pyjama Party for the students of Kindergarten and their mothers at Beaconhouse PECHS Kindergarten Branch I on September 26, 2019. The environment was set up to give a feel of night with black tents, small bedroom corner, silver moon and stars all over. Students were thrilled with the novelty of wearing their pyjamas to school and seeing all their classmates and teachers do the same. They brought along their favourite bedtime stories and cuddly toys. The regular morning routine was replaced with a series of special activities including limbo dance, meet-and-greet with Buddy, storytelling session with mothers and movie time with popcorn. Hot chocolate was also served as a night time drink. Students and mothers had a phenomenal time relishing the activities and spending time with their children apart from their regular busy schedule.

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