Global Dignity Day 2019 News Story

Saad Malik | Staff Correspondent TBT | TNS Beaconhouse Defence

Lahore: To teach the concept of universal rights to the students and provide them with the essence of connectivity and worth, TNS Beaconhouse Defence celebrated Global Dignity Day (GDD) on October 17, 2019. The school believes that everyone is equal whether rich or poor. Everyone belongs to the same human race and every human is born with the right to lead a dignified life. All beings deserve respect regardless of colour, social status, cast or religion. If equal opportunities are provided (with basic access to education, healthcare, security and income); everyone has the potential to contribute positively to this world. TNS Beaconhouse Defence organised a series of events that lasted three days.

The festivities kicked off with the Dignity Wall where students wrote messages to express their feelings about dignity. To compliment that, GDD Poster design competition was held across school from Classes of Early Years till IB Diploma level. These wonderfully designed posters were then displayed in the piazzas and on classroom windows. Students also participated in GDD bake sales from which money collected was given in the form of rashan pack to the school’s support staff. To involve the entire TNS Beaconhouse Defence community, everyone’s colourful hand prints were pasted on a giant flex and hung outside the school’s building. Furthermore, as a good will gesture, members from the students’ council brought food from their homes and served to the school’s support staff in the dining hall. Finally, before school ended, students and staff assembled in the school ground to display the universal Dignity Sign, creatively showcasing their support for Global Dignity Day.

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