Badge Awarding Ceremony News Story

Shehnila Waqas | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Satellite Town Primary Campus

Rawalpindi: A Badge Awarding Ceremony took place at Beaconhouse Satellite Town Primary Campus (BSTRP) on October 11, 2019. Students from Classes I-IV were awarded the Prefect and Teacher Facilitator badges by Headmistress Mrs Saima Faheem during a special assembly. In addition, House Monitor badges were also awarded to students of Classes I-V. The Beaconites proudly received their badges along with the responsibilities bestowed upon them with this honour. As per past practice, Prefects and Teacher Facilitators from Classes I-IV will be on rotation each month whereas the House Monitors will remain unchanged during the academic session. The management at Beaconhouse Satellite Town Primary Campus would like to congratulate the first batch of Prefects and Teacher Facilitators at the campus with hopes that they all will live up to expectations and will make BSTRP proud.

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