Head Boy Elected News Story

Hareem Rizvi| Staff Correspondent TBT| Beaconhouse Margalla Boys Campus

Islamabad: Beaconhouse Margalla Boys Campus held an election for the Head Boy on September 26, 2019. Three Beaconites with outstanding academic record, prominent contributions to co-curricular activities, community service initiatives and sports, fought for the position of Head Boy. Muneeb Asim of Class XI-Red, Hamza Bilal of Class XI-Purple and Daniyal Yousuf of Class XI-White electioneered their way through out school, gaining the votes and conviction of the students. Exciting slogans and chants were made for each of the candidate and students all around the school could be heard cheering their favoured candidate. Delight hummed through not only the candidates but the students as well and the tension on the day of the polls was truly contemporaneous. When the day of result announcement came, the candidates were all restless, after all their manifesto was to be accepted and their fortune was to be announced. Upon hearing the decision, the students went wild with delight. Beams of smiles never left the faces of Hamza Bilal and Daniyal Yousuf who were crowned Head Boy and Deputy Head Boy respectively.

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