Beaconites Quest for the Moon News Story

Beenish Salman | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Potohar Boys Campus

Rawalpindi: Educationists have long been putting emphasis on the importance of hands-on learning and this is what Beaconhouse aims to achieve. It especially enables kinaesthetic learners to engage and explore which helps them in their learning process. This was recently reflected when students of Beaconhouse Potohar Boys Campus participated in Space Week organised by Institute of Space Technology (IST) that began on October 4, 2019.

Students from all grades participated in a myriad of events such as Space Quiz, Water Rocket, Space Souvenir Designing, to name a few. Beaconites brought laurels to school by bringing the winning shields home. Shahmir Ahmed of Class XI secured first position in Souvenir Creation by designing a very futuristic digital T-shirt. Syed Abdullah Asad, Shahrukh Ahmed, Abdullah Bukhari and Haseeb Zahid of Class VIII won first prize in Water Rocket Project. Shayan Shehzad of Class VIII secured second position in Space Quiz.

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