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Hareem Rizvi | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Margalla Boys Campus

Islamabad: Beaconhouse Margalla Boys Campus arranged an auspicious ceremony in the assembly ground to commemorate the efforts and hard work of its junior staff on October 16, 2019. Attendance of the chief guest, the renowned Master Ayub, made the day even more valuable for all attendees. Over many years, Beaconhouse Margalla Boys Campus has been engaging its students in a powerful and immersive learning experience focused on the universal values of our shared humanity, which is dignity. Master Ayub fulfils this notion by his lifetime’s example of teaching young minds voluntarily over 30 years in the open air in Islamabad. During his motivating speech, Master Ayub enlightened the students about the real meaning of dignity and inspired them to take lead in proliferating such social causes.

Beaconites at Beaconhouse Margalla Boys Campus are always on the prowl for apply themselves for community service. Under the banner of Global Dignity Day, the students toiled enthusiastically and selflessly towards helping those less fortunate and supporting them however they can. The whole branch contributed a large sum of money and purchased some amazing gifts for the junior staff. These gifts were handed over to them through the style of a famous TV show called “Neelam Ghar”. This style of handing away presents was purposefully done by Beaconites as they felt that they are not presenting charity but are promoting dignity among the society. There were other numerous activities planned for the day that included speeches by students (in English and Urdu), a dignity wall that became the central area where students left appreciative messages for the junior staff of the school, Musical Chair Game for the Junior Staff followed by gifts for the winners. Speeches by Principal Ms. Ayesha Ansar and Headmistress Ms. Sidra Qasim reminded the students of their role and duties as responsible citizens. Later, a sumptuous breakfast for the domestic staff was served by members from the Students’ Council, including teachers and the school management.

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