Fun with Grandparents! News Story

Samina Naz | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Steel Town Campus

Karachi: Beaconites from the Early Years of Beaconhouse Steel Town Campus celebrated Grandparents Day with an abundance of respect and enthusiasm on October 10, 2019. The children were very excited to see their grandparents and cheered them wholeheartedly at the entrance. Early Years’ teachers thoughtfully planned special activities for grandparents to make the special day a memorable one for them. Students made family tree with them. Grandparents were very excited to see their pictures drawn by their grandchildren. They also made thank you cards for them and gave them as a token of love. Grandparents love to transform themselves into a small child. This was evident when they joined their grandchild in reciting poems, playing games, and making cards. They also participated in Turtle Race. Some grandparents participated in Kahani Goi session too. Students enjoyed their stories. Students made sandwiches with them.

This day was a great opportunity for the grandparents to enjoy their grandchildren and make lasting memories.

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