Special Education Needs Session News Story

Hareem Rizvi | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Margalla Boys Campus

Islamabad: At Beaconhouse Margalla Boys Campus, a Special Education Needs (SEN) session was conducted by SEN Manager Ms. Lacheyne on October 14, 2019. A representative from each branch of Beaconhouse Margalla Campus presented their sample cases to seek advice from the trained professional. Ms. Lacheyne stressed upon collecting data through students’ files, notebooks, teachers’ observations of the students during and outside classroom environment and hence picking out the differences. The teachers must keep a record of any discrepancy they notice in a students’ behaviour log. She suggested that PSHE lessons should be utilised in addressing students’ behavioural and psychological concerns impacting their performances. Furthermore, teachers should be equipped with varied strategies to make their lessons all inclusive; they should be flexible in their teaching and more options should be available to students to choose from to select their learning paths and outcomes. At the same time, educators must know how to differentiate a student with a genuine problem versus a manipulator seeking undue freedom and undeserved advantage. She assured that the new Beaconhouse SEN Policy document will be available by January 2020. The session attendees were grateful that the SEN Manager offered to hold her next session on a much needed topic, “Differentiation” on October 21, 2019 at the same venue.

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