Excursion to Candyland News Story

Rimna Riaz | Staff Correspondent TBT| Beaconhouse Gulshan Primary Branch IV Karachi

Karachi: Who amongst us does not love chocolates and has spent their childhoods mooning over Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory with overflowing chocolate fountains and clouds of marshmallow?

So, in order to fulfill this childhood dream, students of class IV of Gulshan Primary IV were taken to Candyland (the largest confectionery company in Pakistan).

Students were accompanied by their teachers where they observed the making of different jellies, chocolates and marshmallows. The tour guide Mr. Saud explained the different processes going on in all the giant machines. Students-while wearing hair nets-observed conveyer belts and baskets full of their favourite sweet treats being made in the heavy machines.

The reuse and recycling of plastic to make candy wrappers and cartons was also explained, which is the company’s take on reducing the plastic waste. This helped students in understanding the value of recycling.

Candies were also distributed among students, which made for a deliciously fun end to the trip.

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