JT VISTA 2.0 the Mega Event from JTC Boys News Story

Rukhsana Zafar | Staff Correspondent | Beaconhouse Johar Town Boys Campus

Lahore: Beaconhouse Johar Town Boys Campus- Senior School organized their 2nd Student-led Inter-school Annual Event JT Vista 2.0 from 22nd to 24th Nov, 2019 which was full of fascinating activities and numerous sub-events. The event provided the students with an opportunity to exhibit their managerial and planning skills while making a skillful use of their aptitude and specific interests. About 10 different schools from in and out of the city participated in the event.

Day 1 included Mathematics Quiz – Matholon, Nazm-o-Nasr for Urdu poetry presentations and Ground Breaking for entrepreneurs to exhibit their life skills.

Day 2 commenced with a Science Quiz - Scitron. Students took part in the science model-making ‘Build on’ in which model of a modern city was developed incorporating new technological inventions, pollution-free energy generation, fuel-free transportation, and a robotic team for city management. Students presented their calligraphic artwork in Calligraphy Competition, while for Dilemma students explored a realistic crime scene. Treasure Hunt was another exciting event in which clues were hidden around the school.

Plug-it-in tested students’ ad-making abilities, persuasiveness and marketing skills while in Mime (a theatrical technique of portraying a particular character without the use of words) the delegates performed brilliantly. In Investomania, the participants presented themselves as investors to earn maximum profits by presenting a real product, illustrating its feasibility, marketing mix and break-even analysis.

Day 3 of JT Vista 2.0 commenced with the Bilingual Declamation Contest in which the delegates gained immense appreciation from the audience while speaking on both serious and humorous topics .This day ended with the award ceremony. The chief guest, Mr Usama Ghazi, gave away the certificates and prizes to the runners up and winning teams. The team from Beaconhouse Johar Town, Girls Branch was presented with the Best Delegation Award.

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