Revolution through Resolution News Story

Beenish Salman ǁ Staff Correspondent ǁ Beaconhouse Potohar Boys Campus Rawalpindi

In order to reach consensus and solve problems debate is necessary. It is an opportunity to listen and ask questions; find a solution which everyone agrees upon; and protect one’s own interests and own the outcomes. This is what happens in Model United Nation where people meet, challenge and discuss the topic at hand. It is an outstanding experience for children and helps build their personality.

From November 22nd to 24th, 16 students of Beaconhouse Potohar Boys Campus Rawalpindi (BPBC-R), namely, Abdul Muiz, Ahmed Ashraf, Ahmed Hassan, Ahmad Sultan, Abdullah Raza, Ayaan Khan, Ayaan Mughal, Sabeeh Faiz, Hanzalah Khan, Usman Imran, Tuaha Wasti, Hareb Najeeb, Osead Jafar, Abdullah Tiwana, AbdurRafey and Hassan Sajid went to LGSIMUN IV hosted by Lahore Grammar School Islamabad, where they discussed significant topics such as the Kashmir Issue, Human Trafficking, Syrian-Turkish conflict etc.

Ahmed Ashraf and Muiz Raja won Outstanding Diplomacy Award and Ahmed Sultan won Honorary Mention. After this, the delegates attended formal dinner accompanied by a bonfire and with this the LGSIMUN came to an end.

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