A Sports Day for Boys and Their Dads News Story

Shehnila Waqas I Staff Correspondent TBT I Beaconhouse Satellite Town Primary Campus Rawalpindi

Energetic dads of the students of class IV and V participated in Football and Tug of War matches at Beaconhouse Satellite Town Primary Campus Rawalpindi (BSTPC-R) on 29th Nov, 2019. It was a lively event where fathers from all walks of life played together. It created a positive social interaction among the dads and gave them the chance to connect with dads of their wards. All of them really brought forward their best as they knew that their teammates were counting on them.

The fathers acknowledged that playing in their kids' school was like getting a break from being an adult. They felt fresh and young again. They enjoyed the activities as fun and carefree sports is a huge relief from their normal routine which mainly consists of work and commuting. All the participants thanked the School Head Mrs. Saima Faheem for coming up with such a fun event for them and suggested that such activities should be planned every now and then. This will facilitate in bridging the gap between the School and parents which will prove fruitful for both parties and will bring them closer.

Certificates were distributed among the participants and they were served with delicious refreshments. The dads left with smiling faces. We are really grateful to all of them who took time out of their busy schedules and made it to the activity specially planned for them.

It was a wonderful event and we look forward to more participation from parents in the future.

"You are never really playing an opponent. You are playing yourself, your own highest standards, and when you reach your limits that is real joy."

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