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Saadia Shahzad | Staff Correspondent TBT Upper Primary Section | Beaconhouse Walton Campus Lahore

Lahore: 16th December 2014 dawned bright and shiny like today. Children went to school smiling and happy all over the country. No one knew that not all of those smiling faces will be coming back home – the students of APS Peshawar left the whole nation crying.

To mark the 5th death anniversary of the APS martyrs, students of grade V prepared a Tableau. Iqbal’s poem Maan ka Khaab was apt for the sad incident which took place on this day. They gave the message that the sorrow and misery of this day is for all but for the pain of the mothers who lost their children can never be imagined.

There is a Pakhutoon proverb which, when roughly translated, says something like: “When your child dies, you bury him in your heart. He only dies the day you die.”

They conveyed it to their fellow students that the best tribute to APS martyrs on this day is to continue the untiring efforts against terrorism, and by promoting education in the country. They promised that they will never falter and let the enemy win.

The school choir also sang “humay dushman k bachoan ko parhana hai” to add to the spirit of importance of education.

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