Professional Development Day News Story

Anam Adeel | Staff Correspondent | Beaconhouse North Nazimabad Middle Karachi

Karachi: On Friday, November 22, 2019, Professional Development Day was observed at the Middle Branch North Nazimabad. Four separate sessions were simultaneously organised. The Subject Leads (SLs) of English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography cascaded the Coordination Sessions for their respective group of subject teachers at the branch.

English Subject Lead Ms. Ayesha Choudhry unpacked the ‘Lesson Planning Toolkit’. This was aimed at teacher training to derive Learning Objectives from Attainment Targets present on BOCC. Ms. Rahila Maheen, Mathematics Subject Lead based her session on ‘Effective Questioning in Mathematics’, while Ms. Narjis Fatima, Subject Lead for Science oriented teachers towards ‘Learning Science through Active Pedagogies’. Subject Lead for History and Geography, Ms. Sumbul Faheem assembled the puzzle of ‘SAMR Model and Bloom’s Taxonomy’ through her interactive session.

Through these sessions, teachers read related material online and worked on Google Docs in pairs. In groups, they presented their new learning using mini Whiteboards, took part in Gallery Walks and shared examples of good practice during discussion and feedback time.

Teachers were able to collaboratively reach the outcome of these sessions, obtaining new learning and assured to implement this in their regular teaching practice.

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