BSS Curriculum in Action News Story

Zarish Farhan | Staff Correspondent | Beaconhouse Walton Campus Lahore

Lahore: Learning takes place when activities encourage students to engage and involve. BSS advocates use of innovative and unique strategies to make school hours’ fun, motivational and learning orientated.

On December 18th 2019, a drama festival was hosted at the Beaconhouse Walton Campus Lahore. Students of class 1, Lower Primary displayed tremendous acting talent by performing on 9 different readers. Class 2 students prepared musical performances and choirs which beautifully captivated the attention of the audiences throughout the festival.

The drama festival was a great opportunity to unleash the talent in the students, promote the love for reading and enhance thinking skills by encouraging them to form a connection between the characters and real-life scenarios.

The tremendous activity provided active learning opportunities that engaged both the audiences and cognitive processes of the students. The festival was a great success and involved 100% student participation from all sections. The hard work and dedication of the students mesmerized the audience with their enthralling acting and flawless dialogue delivery.

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