Annual Sports Day 2019-20 News Story

Shehnila Waqas I Staff Correspondent TBT I Beaconhouse Primary Branch, Satellite Town

Rawalpindi: The Annual Sports Day 2019-20 of BSTRP was held on 20th December,2019 . It was a great way to round off the end of school year with a few activities, some of which were fun while others were competitive. The students were divided into different houses to add a competitive team element, giving them the chance to score points for their house as well as gaining individual kudos.

Sports day for children in primary school has been proven to enhance mental and physical development, as well as social skills and even improvements in academic performance. Young people also learn hands-on about the need to abide by the rules, team work, fair play and respect for others. Children also learn how to cope in a competitive environment as well as learning all about winning and losing; these are important life skills to assimilate in preparation for the working environment.

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